ENSO Granola: Embracing Zen-Inspired Uniqueness

ENSŌ (円相), in Japanese Buddhism, means to free your mind and create freely. We interpret its meaning as embracing imperfection and being your best self in the present moment. With the onset of COVID-19, Toronto's embrace of homemade baked goods marked the beginning of our home-based granola venture.

Our granola represents our current finest, but our commitment does not end here. We're on a journey to refine and reach perfection by expanding our offerings to create more delightful and nourishing food.

Commercial granola often falls short. They lack the perfect crunch, are too dry, or carrying an unwelcome aftertaste. It might also be loaded with excess sugar and undisclosed ingredients. Leveraging our team’s culinary expertise, we have addressed these concerns by crafting granolas that's simple, delightful, and it feels like homemade.

Chasing Dreams Through Cooking

Hi, I’m Ethan! Formerly worked in banking, consulting, marketing, and public relations. Throughout that time, cooking has always been my passion. I love the tangible and sensory experience food brings. In 2018, I left my desk job to pursued my culinary passion at George Brown College. I interned at one of Toronto’s high end restaurant - Canoe.  By late 2022, post-CoVID, I launched ENSO. Fusing my fine dining expertise, I aim to deliver exceptional food, and in doing so, validates my dedication and passion. That is my story.

- Ethan Yi

Co-Founder of ENSO



Redefining healthy snacks. We create tasty, additive-free options with clear, wholesome ingredients. Healthy never tasted so good.



Simplicity is our guiding principle. We prioritize clean ingredients, choosing the healthiest options without compromising on deliciousness.


Crafting culinary perfection for a taste experience that goes beyond. Enter a world where flavor meets artistry.


Real food, real goodness, loaded with superfood ingredients. Feel good from the inside out. Let's glow together!

Small Acts, Big Impact

We're all about spreading positive vibes in the world. That's why we've teamed up with the awesome team at Virtue. We're directing 1% of every sale their way—not a huge amount, but it's our way of chipping in. Join us in making every purchase contribute a bit of goodness!