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It's SO good, don't hesitate, get multiple bags.

Just the Best!

My sister and I sampled and bought this at the One Of A Kind craft show. This granola has amazing flavour and texture and really is the best - there are no clumps of stuff, hard pieces that break your teeth or additives. We actually tried all three kinds and have since reordered. We love them all! No more store bought for us. I appreciate that the company also gives back.

Hi Laurie!

Thank you so much for your lovely message! It was wonderful meeting you at the One Of A Kind show. I'm thrilled to hear that you and your sister enjoyed it and even reordered—happy danceing now!

I'll work on bringing down the cost to make it even more affordable for everyone to enjoy. If you ever have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime! Thank you once again, and I hope you have a fantastic day ahead.


Granola: The munch of legends.

I stumbled upon this granola at the one-of-a-kind show. I wasn't looking for granola but it was so good I had to take a bag home. I am now in 4 bags deep, utterly addicted as it's just the absolute tastiest. I ordered the Pistachio & Sea Salt granola it has the perfect level of crunch and this subtle salt finish that makes my morning yogurt and granola taste like something off the Alo menu. 10/10 eat this.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your kind words, and I'm thrilled! I'm deeply honored to even be mentioned alongside Alo.



I literally love this product. It has became my favorite snack and I eat them every day!


Thank you so much for your kind words! We are thrilled to hear that our Cacao nib & Hazelnut granola has become your favorite snack. We are happy to be a part of your daily routine and hope to continue providing you with delicious and satisfying products.

Have a great day!


Healthy and delicious!

Locally baked in small batches, it is delicious and healthy! I appreciate that it is not too sweet like other brands. Ordering is easy and delivered fast.

Apple & Cinnamon granola
Stephen Williams

The best granola we've had. Crunchy, tasty and made locally. Woot.


Each flavour was incredibly healthy! I’ll definitely order again.

Pistachio & Sea Salt granola
Toni from Toronto
Fabulous granola!

Unbelievable taste and quality! If you haven’t tried it yet…you really should.

Highly recommend!

Love this granola! Great ingredients and the flavour is amazing.


I bought this as a gift and it was so loved!! The granola is so good!!! The ingredients are pure and the texture is perfect!!

Amazing Granola - Stands Out From the Crowds

For someone who is not a fan of shop bought granolas - I have been blown away by this. I have only tried the Pistachio & Sea Salt Granola as yet - and I am addicted to its amazing flavours and textures.

The product is crunchy and crisp (not at all dry which is always a problem I find with the shop bought products). The individual ingredients taste fresh and quality. I also like the touch of secondary ingredients which are a nice touch with Maple / Olive Oil / Salt - all of which provided a lovely touch when combined with a nice creamy milk.

I am looking forward to trying the other flavours; and hope to see more products in the future hopefully at a more every-day price point - so I can make them a regular part of breakfast and not just a treat!


I bought this as a gift

My brother in law loves the flavour! He is a huge fan of this granola! I love the ingredients and the quality of this brand!! Absolutely fantastic customer service

Incredible and low sugar

Finally a granola with no bad seed oils and low sugar!!

Best Granola

I’m addicted to the pistachio granola!! The ingredients are clean and the texture is perfect! The taste is incredible! I eat this on its own as a guilt free snack and I’m so hooked! My family loves the cocoa and hazelnut flavour!! I’ve also tried the apple flavour and it’s delicious with little dried apple pieces in it! I’m so impressed with the service and the ingredients and quality of this granola!! I will continue to purchase from Enso! You will get hooked

Very tasty!

Very tasty! And the ingredients are organic. It becomes my fav granola for breakfast!

Pistachio & Sea Salt granola
Calabogie Kickers
ENSO Granola tops all others!

Speedy delivery, beautiful packaging, flavour-bursting granola and oh that crunch! Absolutely delicious!

Pistachio & Sea Salt granola
Kavin Sribaskaran
Enzo Review

Best Granola!


I got to sample this fabulous granola in a Happy Box....and I was HOOKED! My new fave and will definitely be purchasing regularly! My first order just arrived :)

That's fantastic to hear! I'm so glad you enjoyed the granola from the Happy Box. Thank you for supporting our small business! Your satisfaction means a lot to us!

Soooo delicious

Unlike any granola I’ve tried! This one actually tastes unreal and not sugar filled!
I love the different flavours and all the amazing Ingredients. I also love how I can see all the true ingredients and they taste so fresh!
A must try!

Best granola ever!

This apple cinnamon granola tastes like an apple pie in granola form, and I especially like the freeze dried apples and loads of cinnamon! I personally have it with milk, and it leaves the milk tasting like cinnamon as well, and the granola is sweet enough that you can’t tell how nutritious it really is!

Pistachio granola is tasty!

This pistachio granola tastes amazing, it’s sweet but has the perfect balance of pistachio in it. I would highly recommend it to anyone, even those who don’t like pistachio. This granola is also very refreshing, and I appreciate the organic ingredients used! I also love the addition of cranberries for a nice chewy texture and some fruit!

Lifetime Subscription

If this company offered a lifetime subscription for the chocolate and hazelnut flavour, I would get it in a heartbeat.

New favourite granola!

I first came across Enso Granola at a local market and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been on the hunt for a healthy and tasty granola and this checks all of the boxes. The cocoa and hazelnut is my favourite, but you can’t go wrong with any of the flavours!

Crazy good!!

This did not last long in our house, it is amazingly good & full of flavour!
Granola that’s not super high in calories that actually tastes good is difficult to find. This is organic, low in sugar with decent fibre content & easy to eat…doesn’t feel like you’ll break a tooth! Will reorder as it’s quickly becoming a staple.

Cacao nib & Hazelnut granola
Best granola!!

The pistachio was the bomb! Scooped the last 2. Would have bought more!